A forum for free speech.

We're working on a replacement for Disqus since they ban anyone they disagree with.

Hope to coordinate and integrate with other free speech platforms such as

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What is your backup plan?

Your presence on the internet can be wiped out without notice. Google/YouTube, Facebook/Instagram, Twitter, Paypal, Apple, Microsoft/LinkedIn etc. can make you disappear online. Your hosting company, your domain name, etc. can be taken away. Even your email service can be shut down.

What will you do when you're blocked, banned, censored, deleted, erased online? How will you regain contact with others? How will you restore your online presence -- recover your content -- reestablish your brand in the face of coordinated opposition.

It may not be possible, but we can help. We can make sure your content -- videos, articles, blog posts, mailing list, etc. can be saved and we can help you build a plan to restore from backup -- whether you face a disaster, man made or natural.

Wordpress Backup has started taking down and censoring those whose opinions they disagree with. You don't have to live at their mercy.

Wordpress is great software. It's open source and free to use.

Automattic -- the parent company of has an agenda. And they're willing to delete accounts for users they disagree with. Don't let it happen to you -- you'll lose your site, all your content, and your users.

Don't let it happen to you. You can save your site, your content, and your community by moving off of And you can do it gradually, seamlessly.

TalkFree can help you back up your wordpress site, save your content (text, images, audio & video) and plan for a migration to your own hosting provider -- or a full restore from backup if needed.

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